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FDG '09, the International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games is a focal point for academic efforts in all areas of research involving computer and console games, game technologies, game play and game design. Previously known as the Conference on Game Development and Computer Science Education (GDCSE), this year's conference broadens its scope to cover the breadth of game research and education. The conference is targeted at researchers making contributions that promote new game capabilities, designs, applications and modes of play.


April 22 - For guests staying at the Hyatt, registration for the conference will be available at the hospitality desk in the hotel on Saturday, April 25, from 1-6pm, and 8-10pm. Guests staying at the Marriott should receive conference registration materials when they check in to the hotel. You may also register for the conference aboard the Disney Wonder.

April 7 - Detailed conference schedule now available.

Jan. 29 - Day before workshops added about teaching CS1 using XNA, and teaching basic programming using Kodu.

Feb. 15 - 210 people will be attending the conference sessions this year, including many who are coming from countries outside the US, including Mexico and Canada, as well as Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Columbia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, India, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

Feb. 15 - Stateroom availability very limited. People intending to register late are encouraged to do so right away.

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