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Disney Wonder Cruise FAQ

1. How can my family reach me onboard the ship?
2. How much can I bring back to the U.S. without paying duty?
3. Do I need to register with Customs any valuables I'm bringing with me?
4. Can I arrange for special diet meals?
5. Are there any baggage limitations for the ship?
6. Is there a doctor onboard?
7. What if I get seasick?
8. Can I send and receive emails while onboard?

How can my family reach me onboard the ship?

Ship Telephone

Calling Guests Onboard
Guests can be contacted on board the Disney Magic or Disney Wonder by calling:

Domestic 1-888-DC-ATSEA (1-888-322-8732)
International 1-732-335-3281

When guests call this number they will be transferred to the Guest's stateroom. If the guest they are trying to reach is not in the stateroom, they can leave a voice mail. Please note that ship-to-shore rates apply and range from $7.00 to $9.50 per minute.


Callers should have the ship name and the name of the party they are contacting. To specify the ship they would select:

1# for the Disney Magic
2# for the Disney Wonder

Meritime Tele-Communication Network is accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Diners Club.

Ship to Shore Rates

Ship-to-Shore telephone service ranges from $7.00 to $9.50 per minute (subject to change). Telephones are available in all staterooms for outside calls.


There are no pay phones available onboard; however, telephones are available in all staterooms for outside calls.

Calling Cards

Toll free 800 numbers can not be dialed from the ship; therefore, guests are not able to utilize a calling card.

Collect Calls

Collect calls can not be placed from the ship.

Ship Fax

All faxes are received by Guests Services. The public fax numbers are:

Disney Magic 011-874-330-851-611
Disney Wonder 011-874-330-845-711

There is no charge to receive faxes, but ship-to-shore rates apply to send faxes.

Cellular/Satellite Phones

Cellular Phones
Cellular at Sea service launched aboard the Disney Magic on May 12, 2007 and on the Disney Wonder as of July 22, 2007.

With most phones, including Cingular/AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile, Guests are able to make and receive calls and text messages on their personal cell phone and wireless PDA, once the ship is at least 8-12 miles at sea. The phone carrier may require guests to request international roaming service in advance.

When the ship is in port, the service is OFF and guests can connect to local roaming networks as provided by their home carrier.

NOTE: For travel in between some of the Mediterranean ports of call, the service may never have the opportunity to initiate since the ship may not always sail 8-12 miles out to sea before docking at another port of call. In this instance, guests will connect to the nearest local network.

In an effort to provide guests with the most information regarding this new service, below are some additional details:

Cellular at Sea
Rates • Recommend Guests contact their provider to obtain information on rates. • International roaming charges may apply. • Guests are billed by the home network at the rates they determine. Accessibility/Connection • Cell phone usage is limited to Guest staterooms. • Guests can get connected automatically, if they have enabled international roaming with the cellular carrier • As the ship approaches each port, the shipboard cell phone service is deactivated to allow guests the opportunity to connect via local land-based wireless carriers. • Some carriers do not allow pre-paid customers to roam.
Billing • Guests receive their cell phone bill from their home carrier. In rare cases, it can take up to 90 days for charges to appear on the phone bill. • Guests are charged when making or receiving calls when the ship is at sea. • If the call does not connect at all, no charge applies. If the call connects to a voicemail box, regular charges apply based on minutes of usage. • No charges apply to unanswered calls • Calls to pre-paid calling cards are considered international roaming.
Phone Calls • Guests dial "1" area code and number to call North America • Use country code and number to call non-US destinations • Guests should contact their carrier for further information on how to make international phones calls
Text Messages • Guests are charged for data downloads to wireless devices (such as a Blackberry). • Guests are charged for sending or receiving text messages.
Service Provider • Wireless Maritime Services (WMS) is the carrier being used that provides a wireless cellular network to allow cell phones to operate when the ship is at least eight to twelve miles out to sea. • As the ship starts to enter a port of call, the WMS system shuts down and a local cellular network will begin to provide phone coverage for guests onboard. This switch of cellular service will be seamless as electronic devices will automatically connect to local networks, provided the guest has arranged the ability to access international local networks through their carrier.

Satellite Phones
Satellite phones work onboard with no restrictions.

How much can I bring back to the U.S. without paying duty?
Each U.S. resident is usually allowed a duty-free exemption of USD$800. An additional USD$1,000 worth of articles may be brought in and taxed at a reduced flat duty rate. After an absence of 7 days or more, Canadian citizens may bring back to Canada up to CAD$750 worth of duty-free merchandise, which may include a maximum of 40 oz. of liquor or wine and 200 cigarettes. Guests who are not U.S. or Canadian citizens should check with the Customs agency in their country for allowance information before departing. Information regarding Customs landing procedures will be explained in more detail at the debarkation talk given on board the last evening.

Do I need to register with Customs any valuables I'm bringing with me?
We strongly recommend that you register any valuables you will be bringing with you on your trip with Customs before leaving home. If you cannot prove that you owned an item prior to departure, Customs Officials may charge you duty upon your return to Orlando. This should be done well in advance of travel at a Customs office near your home. Items that should be registered generally include expensive cameras (including special lenses and video equipment), binoculars, laptop computers, etc.). Customs officials will not be available at the ship during check in to register any valuables.

Can I arrange for special diet meals?
Yes. If you provide us with the meal requirements on your registration form, we will forward them to the ship's Maitre D'.

Are there any baggage limitations for the ship?
While there are no baggage limitations for the ship, the airlines generally limit either the number of bags or total baggage weight you can bring aboard the plane. The airlines also impose a limit on the number of items you carry-on the plane with you (generally two items such as a laptop computer or carry-on bag plus one personal item such as a purse or small briefcase). You should check with the applicable airline for any limitations or fees for excess baggage.

Is there a doctor onboard?
Yes. There is a medical facility onboard staffed by a Doctor and a registered nurse. The medical staff is there to take care of minor medical situations that may arise during the cruise. If you have any pre-existing conditions that may require medical attention during the cruise, please note the condition on the registration form.

What if I get seasick?
For your convenience, a physician and nurse are on call 24 hours a day to provide basic medical services on every cruise. The physician and nurse are employed by a company independent from Disney Cruise Lineฎ. Standard prevailing fees will be charged for all physician and nurse services. If you require any prescription drug, be sure to bring an adequate supply in its original container. You should keep it in your carry-on luggage so it is easily at hand. Please keep in mind that a child who shows symptoms of physical illness such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, unexplained rashes or discharge from the nose or eyes may be excluded from participation in activities as well as from babysitting services in Flounder's Reef Nursery. For your peace of mind in case of unexpected medical emergencies, we recommend the purchase of the Disney Cruise Vacations Protection Plan for costs incurred for treatment and medical evaluation/repatriation.

Can I send and receive emails while onboard?
You can send and receive electronic mail in real-time, via a high-speed satellite link 24 hours a day, satellite conditions permitting. You will be able to access a broad range of communication applications. You can surf the Internet, play games, check your stocks, read your E-mail and much, much more! There is an Internet Manager on board to assist you. There is a charge for these services. Guests needing to access their home or business e-mail service or other Internet services should remember to bring login username, password, and relevant access information. Wireless and/or dial-up Internet access facilities are also available.

Internet Caf้ - Pricing (subject to change)

One Time Activation Fee: $3.95
Time: $0.75 per minute
Printing per page: $0.25

Internet Access 100 min $55.00
Internet Access 250 min $100.00
Internet Access 500 min $150.00

Wireless Internet Services:

Use your own laptop in 10 locations onboard Disney Wonder: Cadillac Lounge, Wave Bands, Studio Sea, Promenade Lounge, Cove Caf้, open decks 9 & 10 and the Atrium decks 3,4 & 5 mid-ship.

Internet Access 100 min $55.00
Internet Access 250 min $100.00
Internet Access 500 min $150.00
Please note: Internet Caf้ and Wireless Time Plans can be interchangeable between systems. However, plans cannot be upgraded once purchased, and credit will not be issued for unused plan minutes.