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Call for Live Demos

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Technical demonstrations showing innovative and original games and/or research are solicited for a special demonstration session during the 2009 Foundations of Digital Games Conference. In general, FDG is interested in demonstrations of technology that validate important game research issues or showcase innovative game technologies.

Demonstration Equipment and Limitations:

All demonstrations will occur onboard the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship, which has no Internet availability in the conference center and has limited power, space, and equipment. Therefore, all demos should run self-contained on a notebook or other lightweight equipment brought by the demonstrator with the ability to run on its own power (battery) for at least 30 minutes (we will try to provide permanent or intermittent shared power). Please limit the amount of equipment and footprint of the demo to no more that a 3’x3’ area. We also encourage demonstrators to bring a small poster (no larger than 11”x17”) to place beside their demonstration.

Submission process:

In order to select the best live demonstrations for FDG 2009, we ask that potential demonstrators submit a short video (1 minute or less) of their demonstration by placing it at a publicly accessible website and notifying the chair by email with the subject “FDG Demo Submission” and the following information in the email body:

Demonstration developer(s)/author(s) names
Email(s) for correspondence
Title of submission
Demonstration abstract (300 words or less)
URL where the downloadable submission is located. Be sure that codec/encoding information is clear.
Three static screenshots/images of the demonstration in PNG format 640x480 pixels or larger
Is this a student work demonstration?

All submissions should be received by the Demo Chair no later than April 1, 2009. For any questions or if you are uncertain whether your demo falls within the scope of the conference, please consult the Demo Chair by email with the subject heading “FDG Demo Question.”

FDG Demo Chair:
G. Michael Youngblood - [youn...@uncc.edu]
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte