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Airport Check in:
Due to increased security procedures at U.S. airports, it is recommended that you arrive no less than 1-1/2 hours prior to departure at the airport. Photo Identification will be required at check in and must match your airline ticket.

Checked Bags:
Make sure you join us! Look for MCO (Orlando International Airport) as the final destination on your bags. In rare cases, you may be asked to recheck bags if you're on a connecting flight. Ask your gate or baggage agent for details. Reminder - you won't have access to your bags for a while - so keep your valuables, medication and travel documents in your carry-on bag.

Baggage Tags:
Disney Cruise Line Disney Wonder baggage tags will be included in your cruise ticket packet. Please complete your information and attach to each piece of baggage, including your carry-on, prior to departure. Your name and stateroom number are necessary - so your bags find you on board!

Baggage Claim and Getting to the Ship on embarkation day:
Passengers arriving at the airport in Orlando on the day of sailing April 26, will need to get to Port Canaveral on their own. We suggest purchasing the Disney Express Transfers at the Airport. The Disney Magical Express is a transfer source that can be purchased at the Disney Center at the Orlando International Airport located on level 1. Upon disembarking the airport tram in the main terminal, you will be on level 3. Proceed to level 1 (B side ground transportation). If you arrive on side A, please proceed to side B before going down to level 1.

Port Canaveral Terminal Arrival:
Once there, you will be directed through the security checkpoint and then to cruise line personnel who will get you checked in. Be sure to check your cruise documents for on-line registration procedures. Fill out all required documents in advance - it will save you time at the pier.

What to do in an Emergency:
Your document packet will include a leave behind card to give to your family and friends, so they can reach you while onboard.

Valuables & Medication:
As we said before, pack valuables (such as jewelry, cameras, camcorders, binoculars, traveler's checks, extra glasses, etc.), medications or travel documents (proof of citizenship and airline/cruise tickets) in your carry-on baggage. You can't access them if they're in your checked bags.

Locking Your Bags:
Due to air travel regulations, only TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved locks can be used on your checked bags. Keep your carry-on bags with you until you arrive in your stateroom. Neither Microsoft nor your travel providers can take responsibility for losses in transit. http://www.tsa.gov/public/display?content=0900051980082cb5

Electrical Current:
Current is 110/220 AC, and all staterooms can accommodate electric razors and hair dryers. Note that hair dryers are a standard feature in the staterooms - so you don't have to bring one!

No Visitors on board:
Due to security, only registered passengers are allowed on the ship at any time.

Name Badges:
Name badges will be distributed to the conference attendees only on the day of embarkation. Please wear your name badge to all conference private functions. It's your ticket in!